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We bring a unique background and range of experience to our work.

Jim worked in industrial/commercial real estate in Los Angeles, and both Jim & Elizabeth worked successfully with buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Eugene, Oregon for five years, with their own company, The Matchmakers, before moving their company back to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010.

For 20 years, Jim was also the producer of The Tribute Series, a highly-acclaimed series of travel films, and one of these films was on the Bordeaux and Dordogne Valley region of southwest France.  We have traveled all over France many times, love the country and culture, and have developed strong ties with a few select real estate agencies dealing in beautiful properties not only in Paris, but also in many of the loveliest areas of France, including the Loire Valley, Aix-en-Provence, Normandie, Provence, the Dordogne Valley, and the Lot Valley.  Through our own combined knowledge and experience, and that of our affilliates, we can help clients anywhere in the world navigate the process of searching for and buying a home in France - be it an apartment in Paris, a villa in Provence, or a chateau in the Loire.

Please send us an email to begin talking about your plans and to answer questions. 

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